An Honest Woodcutter

An Honest Woodcutter – There was an honest woodcutter who used to cut wood from the forest and sell it in the city. Hardly knew how to support his family. One day he went in the forest to cut wood. Climbing a tree on the bank of the river started cutting happy wood. The mind itself was pleading with God to cut down his poverty and was cutting wood. In this sequence, his attention was lost in the imagination of the beautiful form of God and the axe fell from the hand. The axe fell directly into the river as soon as the hand touched it. The woodcutter was very disappointed, falling on the ground, he was expected to find in the bushes. But how can he get his axe from the deep waters of the river.


After getting down from the tree, he started requesting the river. Then angel came out from the water and asked the problem from woodcutter. The woodcutter told her everything. Then the Angel dived into the water and came out of the water with a silver axe. Seeing the woodcutter said! This is your axe. The woodcutter said honestly that this is not my story.

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Now The Angel then disappeared. This time came out of the water with a gold axe. Seeing the wood ax of the woodcutter, he said, surely it will be your ax. The woodcutter showed honesty and said, O Goddess! This is not my axe. My axe was of iron. The angel was very pleased with her honesty. The woodcutter was awarded an iron axe as well as two axes (“one of gold and one of silver”) as a reward for honesty.

Moral of An Honest Woodcutter story – Honesty is the best policy.

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