An Old Man Lived in the Village – English Moral Story

An Old Man Lived in the Village (English Moral Story) – Once there was an old man who lived in a very small area. He thought that he was very unfortunate In this whole world and remained in a very sad mood. He used to talk very badly with people. His words were very sharp and hurting. He always talked about negative things of life. He always blamed the nature for his unhappiness.


But suddenly, one day the news was spread that the same old man was happy today. All people of that area came near tom that man and asked him the reason of his happiness

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He said, he had been running behind happiness for more than his life and then he decided to live without any happiness and only enjoy the present moment and due to this reason that man becomes a happy man.

An Old Man Lived in the Village Story Moral – Be Happy always and enjoy every moment.

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