As You Sow So Shall You Reap – Hindi English Moral Story With Meaning

As You Sow So Shall You Reap – A poor farmer lived in a village. He had land for farming, but due to poor crop on that land, he was poor. One day, in the summer, he was resting in the shade of a tree on his farm that he saw a snake come out of a bill and spread the fun.


Suddenly the farmer got suspicious, due to this snake, my farming is deteriorating, so I have to serve it.

As soon as this idea came, he brought milk from somewhere and put it in a pot and kept it near the bill. The next day when he goes to the bill, he sees that there is no milk in the vessel but there is a gold seal in it.

He was very happy to get the seal. From that day on wards, he would take milk daily in the pot and keep it near the bill and the next day he would get a regular gold seal.

Incidentally, the farmer had to go out for a day. He was in a big dilemma who would give milk to the snake After much deliberation he discussed this with his son and asked him to keep milk.

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According to the farmer, the son did the same. But when he saw the seal in the pot of milk, he began to think that there must have been many seals buried in the ground, on which this snake is seated, and out of them this snake brings a seal everyday. So why not kill this snake and take all the seals.

On the second day, when the son of the farmer went with milk, he stayed there. After a while, the snake came out like daily, he hit the snake with great force, but missed the target. The snake did not feel the snake and the snake bounced and immediately bitten him. The boy died within a short span.

The next day when the boy’s father returned and heard the news of the son’s death and death, he felt very sad. But he said – “In any case, he said – “Whatever one does, he gets a similar outcome.”

Moral of As You Sow So Shall You Reap Story – So always remember this “do as you like, fill it like that” greed ends like this.

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