Elephant and Sparrow Story

Elephant and Sparrow Story – Once a sparrow lived with her husband on a tree. He had built a good nest and laid his eggs in the nest.

One morning, due to fever, a wild elephant came under the tree in search of shade and angrily broke the branch of the tree on which the sparrow bird had built its nest. Unfortunately, all the sparrow’s eggs fell and broke, though both parents sparrow survived. The sparrow mourned in sorrow.


Seeing his lament, woodpeckers came to him. After knowing the whole thing, he consoled the sparrow. He told her to think of a way to kill the elephant. She then went to her friend the mentor frog.

The frog then devised a plan to kill the elephant. He asked the sparrow to echo in the e

lephant’s ears, so that the elephant would get thrilled and crazy listening to the music and close its eyes.

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The woodpecker will burst its eye with its sharp beak as soon as it closes its eyes. Frog himself would make a sound by staying near a pit, which would mislead him into the pit and die in agony.

The next day in the afternoon the trio carried out the plan and the elephant was killed. Even though the three animals were weaker than the elephant, all three of them retaliated with the evil elephant with intelligence and get succeeded.

Moral Of Elephant and Sparrow Story – Wisdom is superior to force

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