Fairy Cinderella And The Magical Shoes Story

The Princess and the Magical Shoe. There once lived a businessman in a kingdom. He had a beautiful daughter named Cinderella. She was a little girl,when her mother died. Everyday she missed her mother and cried. Cinderella’s father often traveled for business purposes. To take care of little Cinderella, her father married a widow so that she wasn’t deprived of a mother’s love. The woman already had two daughters. Cinderella loved her new mother and sisters very much. But her step-mother and sisters were evil. They always tortured Cinderella. One day, Cinderella’s father left the city for business purposes. And Cinderella felt very lonely.’ ‘Her step-mother acted as the head of the house. She and her daughters made Cinderella do all the house chores. While they loafed around all day long. Cinderella, who once lived like a princess, now had to wear their rags and worn-out shoes. She’d become a maid in her own house.

Mother, may I sit her and eat with you? How dare you! Don’t you see your elder sister’s are still eating? Once we are done, you can eat the left overs. Until then, clean all the utensils. Cinderella had two friends,a bird and two mice. She shared her sorrows and joy with them. Soon there was an announcement about a grand celebration being held at the king’s palace. Every woman of the kingdom was invited for the celebration. The prince was to select this bride from the invited guests. Cinderella’s sisters were getting ready for the celebration. They started dreaming of getting married to the prince. Cinderella too, was eager for the celebration at the palace. Mother, may I come with you? I want to see the palace and their celebration. With this face and in these rags? No need! Stay back home and finish all the house chores. That too, before we return. Her step-mother didn’t wan the to attend the celebration. Because she looked gorgeous, even with those rags. And both her daughters looked ugly in the most expensive attire.


She was afraid that the prince may select Cinderella. Cinderella sadly began with the home chores. While her sisters and mother wore their new attire and left for the celebration. But soon, Cinderella started musing about the party. She was dejected. She missed her mother and started crying. Suddenly, her eyes grew lustrous. She saw a fairy standing beside her. Cinderella was astonished! The fairy got closer to her and asked her lovingly. Cinderella, do you want to attend the celebration? Wow! You are so beautiful! Yes, I do want to. But I can’t. But how do you know? Why is that? I only have old and worn-out clothes. Besides, I have to finish the chores before mother returns. ‘The fairy smiling wished her magical wand. The next minute, Cinderella was in an exquisite attire.

The fairy asked Cinderella to bring her a pumpkin. She turned the pumpkin into a beautiful carriage using her wand. Her mice friends were turned into horses. While the bird be came her coach man. Cinderella looked gorgeously beautiful! She was all set for the celebration now. The fairy gave her a pair of glass shoe to wear. Dear fairy, I’m thankful to you. The fairy alerted Cinderella No matter what, you must reach home before midnight. Because my magic would last only until midnight. And everything will get back to normal. Cinderella promised to reach home before midnight. As she reached, everyone’s head turned towards her. Cinderella was the prettiest of all the girls present there.

Her step-mother and sisters were also amazed to see her. But they couldn’t recognize her with her new look and at tire. She looked no less than a princess too. The prince couldn’t get his eyes off her. The prince approached Cinderella for a dance. He danced with her all evening long. Her sisters and the rest of the girls envied her. While dancing, the prince asked for her name several times. But she never replied. Cinderella was happy and almost forgot that the clock was approaching midnight. Suddenly, the clock caught her eye. It was 10 minutes to 12! She remembered the fairy’s words.’ I must go home now. She was alarmed and ran home. The prince followed her. He fell in love with Cinderella. He wanted to marry her. But she didn’t stop. As she was running, one of her glass shoe slipped off her foot at the doorway of the palace. The prince quickly picked it up. Upon reaching home, Cinderella was back into her rags.

The carriage turned back to a pumpkin. Whilst, the bird and mice took their original forms. Cinderella noticed that all the house chores were now finished. She thanked the fairy. And the fairy blessed her. The next morning, the prince remembered Cinderella. He wanted to meet her. Hence he made an announcement that the girl who fits the glass shoe perfectly shall be his bride. Every girl of the kingdom wanted to marry the prince. Every girl tried the shoe on. But it did not fit anyone. One day, the prince went to Cinderella’s house accompanied by his courtiers. Cinderella’s step-sisters were over joyed at the prince’s visit. Both of them tried hard to fit the glass shoe on their foot. All their tries went in vain. Alas, the prince saw Cinderella who was hiding behind a door. He asked her to wear the shoe. And of course, the shoe fit her feet perfectly! The prince was delighted now. Cinderella’s step-mother and sisters were as mounded. The prince learnt that Cinderella was the one he was looking for. He bowed before her and proposed her for marriage. To which she happily agreed.

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