Importance Of Hard Work

Importance Of Hard Work Moral Story – This story is about diseases who used to live on a mountain. The mountain take care of diseases like his daughter. Diseases considered the favor of the mountain and always willing to do any favor for this mountain. But the mountain was so huge that it never needed any favor back.

There was a village at the foot of the mountain. After few days, a village farmer needed additional land for farming. The farmer did not see the land anywhere. Suddenly the farmer looked at the mountain, pressing thousands of acres of land. The farmer thought why not dig up the mountain and make the cultivable land.


He dug out the mountain and took out all the hard land. Seeing the farmer digging the mountain, other farmers also came to dig the mountain for land. Seeing this, the number of farmers reached hundreds of thousands. The farmers were busy digging the mountain with a shovel.

Seeing this, the mountain started seeing its existence in danger. The mountain panicked and started looking for ways to save itself. Then he remembered the diseases in his coat. The mountain gathered all the diseases and said, “I have protected you for many years and have given you a place to stay.” But now the time has come for my benevolence. ” Diseases were already ready for any mountain work. The mountain pointed at the farmers with shovels and spades and said, “Daughters! Look at this my enemy. Taking my shovel and spade is threatening my existence. Destroy all of them by pouncing on them and those who want to destroy me. ”

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By obeying the order of the mountain, diseases went ahead and went away from the farmers’ bodies. But the farmers were busy with their work. The faster the shovel and the run of the spade, the faster the sweat would come out and the all diseases washed away and fell down. The diseases tried hard to make the farmers sick, but they did not make them sick. They had to leave a good place and have to go another dirty place.

After seeing this the mountain was very angry and cursed all the diseases, “I brought you up like my daughters, but still you could not protect me now.” Stay where you are. ” Since then, the diseases are lying in the dirt and the illiterate person who work hard lives a healthy life.

Moral of Importance Of Hard Work – Always keep working hard. Hardworking people always lead healthy and successful lives.

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