Jokers Life lesson

Jokers Life lesson Moral Story – Once a clown was telling a joke to people in the circus. Hearing the joke, people started laughing loudly. After a while, the Joker re-told the same joke. This time fewer people laughed. After a little more time, Joker started telling the same joke for the third time.


But before he finished his talk, a spectator in the middle said, “Hey! How many times will you tell the same joke. Tell me something, no longer laugh at it. ”

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The Joker said, being a bit serious, “Thank you sir, this is what I want to say as well…. When you cannot be happy again and again due to one reason of happiness, then why are you sad again and again for one reason of sorrow, brothers, this is the reason for more sorrow and less happiness in our life. We can easily rejoice They leave but hold sorrow and remain seated… ”

Moral Of Jokers Life lesson – Success in life is achieved only when we forget the sorrows and strive to move forward.

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