Magical Jungle Story

There was a small kingdom next to a river. The King was very kind and benevolent. The King had a daughter named Kavya. The princess was very beautiful. The princess would go out to play and roam near the river bank with her friends. One day while playing hide and seek she went to the other side of the river. She was amazed to see the trees, fruits and flowers over there and thought that this place is very beautiful, but I never came here before. She was so captivated by the beauty of the place that she went far off.

Kavya was tired. She was thirsty and hungry. So many fruits? I’ll eat some fruits first and then I’ll walk. She quickly plucked some fruits and kept some fruits aside for her friends. She sat down under the tree and started eating the fruits. Wow! These fruits are very sweet. As she ate the fruits she dozed off and fell asleep under the tree.


When she woke up she found that she had become very small in size. She was so small that the fruits and flowers around her appeared to be huge. How did this happen? How did I fall asleep? Why have I become so small in size? She started crying. Kavya’s friends were tired of searching her. They went to the palace and shared everything with the King and the Queen. Kavya went far away while playing hide and seek. We searched her everywhere but we didn’t find Kavya, Your Majesty. The King and the Queen were disturbed. The Queen started crying. Where is my daughter? Go and search all the places near the river and bring the princess back. Go. When they went to look for Kavya in the forest she noticed them but her voice didn’t reach them.

She was so small that the guards couldn’t see her. Princess Kavya, where are you? Princess Kavya! Listen! Look here. Look down. I’m here. What shall I do now? Stop! She was so small in size that the guards couldn’t see her and they went back to the palace. Kavya kept shouting and running after them. Finally she got tired and sat down under a tree and started crying. She noticed a hole near the tree. It was like a huge cave for her. Why don’t I go inside and check? I may get help. But there may be danger inside. If there’s an animal inside I may die. But, what shall I do? I must be brave and do something. Let me go inside and check.

As she went inside she heard some voices. When she went inside she saw people of small size who were like her sitting inside. Who are you? We live in the adjoining villages. But, who are you? We lost our way in the forest. The sorceress of theforest made us her targets. We’re hiding here for the past few days so that nobody kills us. I’m princess Kavya. We won’t tolerate this quietly. We must do something. We’ve become so small in size. What can we do now? We’ll be tired of running and yet we won’t be able to escape.

There must be some way of defeating the sorceress. Yes, there’s a way but it’s not only difficult but impossible too. There’s a broken mirror in the garden of her house. If we can join the mirror and the sorceress sees her reflection in it then her magic will lose its power and we’ll get back to our originals form and the sorceress will also die. Okay, all of us will try to do this. It’ll take us several days to reach her house. No, We can seek the help of the birds of this forest. Yes, a parrot comes here daily. We can take his help. When the parrot came there the next day they asked him to help them.

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The parrot was ready to help them. Kavya and the other victims sat on the back of the parrot and reached the house of the sorceress. First they found out the broken mirror. All of them tried to join it. They managed to repair the mirror, but one of the corners was missing. I think the sorceresshas hidden the broken part. Look for it carefully in the garden. She suddenly notice a flower in the garden. As soon as Kavya moved the flower they got the remaining part of the mirror. Everybody picked up the mirror and brought it to the house of the sorceress. As soon as they entered herhouse the sorceress noticed Kavya.

You’re a victim of my magic. How dare you come here? I’ll transform youinto an animal right now. Kavya’s friends were hiding and watching everything. Your magic is useless. I’ve the photo of the most powerful sorceress of this world. You can’t stand before her magic. Nobody could defeat me till date. Where is the other sorceress? She can target you even with her photo. Here’s her photo. As soon as the sorceress looked in the mirror she was surprised.

As soon as she saw her reflection in the mirror everybody came back to their original form. The sorceress died. The parrot came back to its original form. He was a prince. Thanks a lot, princess. Yes, thanks a lot. We had lost all hopes. But you’re very brave. It’s because of you that we’ve succeeded to come out of this magic spell. The prince took Kavya to her palace. The king and the queen were very happy to see Kavya back. The prince asked for Kavya’s hand in marriage from the king and queen.

Moral of Magical Jungle Story – Never Give Up And Be Brave In Every Situation

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