Might Is Right

Might Is Right Moral Story – There used to be a milkman in a village. He had a lot of buffalo and used to take great care of his buffalo. Milkman used to sell his milk in different villages. He was very honest and never associated milk with water like other milkmen. Hence the villagers preferred to buy milk from him. Their number of customers increased manifold. He started running less milk.

Sometimes he was unable to deliver milk to all his customers. Uncle, can I get half a liter of milk? Son, I have no milk left. It is finished. The milkman decided to buy another buffalo to meet the requirement of all his customers. He went out to buy buffalo with money. He said after reaching the buffalo shed. Brother, I want to buy a buffalo. Which buffalo would you like to buy? You can buy that buffalo. The milkman looked at the buffalo closely.


He chose a big black buffalo. I want to buy this buffalo. You are very smart You chose buffalo which gives 6-7 liters of milk daily. Actually? This buffalo gives milk twice a day. If you buy this buffalo you will make a lot of profit. great! He paid the buffalo and went with the buffalo. He had to pass through the forest to reach home. A thief suddenly comes in front of the milkman. The thief had a stick in his hand.

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The thief said … Give me a buffalo or i will break your head with a stick. The milkman thought for a while and then said. okay brother. Take buffalo. you are stupid. You got scared and gave me your buffalo. The thief was about to go happy with the buffalo…. Then the milkman said. You have taken my buffalo. Give me your stick please How can I go home empty handed? The thief thought he would give his wand to him. you are so dumb. Take this stick.

Get out from here. As soon as the milkman got the stick, the milkman threatened him with the stick and said. Give me my buffalo or i will break your head with this stick. The thief realized his stupidity. Here is your buffalo. Give me your stick back Let’s get lost from here or i’ll beat you up badly with this stick and take you to the police station. The thief got scared and ran away. The milkman happily returned home with a buffalo.

Moral Of Might Is Right Story – You can be powerful if you act cleverly.

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