Smart Bull And Stupid Lion

Smart Bull And Stupid Lion Short¬† Moral Story For Kids – There was a farmer named Dayaram in a village. He had two bulls. Moti and Lalu. Both of them were healthy and strong. Lalu had been working for Dayaram for years. He helped him a lot. Both the bulls were very hard-working. But Lalu was older than Moti. He couldn’t work hard for long hours like before. He would get tired after doing little work. Sometimes when he would get tired working in the field he would sit down. Dayaram was always attached to his bulls. He felt very bad to make Lalu toil hard. He thought that Lalu would spend the rest of his life happily if he set him free. Dayaram went out of the village with him.

While walking towards the forest Lalu shared his feelings with him. Lalu, you’ve helped me a lot all these years. You’ve honestly done your job. You’ve aged and I don’t like to make you toil hard. So, I’m setting you free so that you can spend the rest of your life lei surely. Thanks for helping me. Lalu became emotional. But bull didn’t want to be set free. He was sad and wanted to go home with Dayaram. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with Dayaram. But, then he thought I need to take care of myself now. I can’t burden my master. He has taken care of me with lot of love till date. It’s not possible for him to bear my expenses anymore. Lalu hugged Dayaram. Dayaram reciprocated his affection for him. He bid him good bye and went back home.


Lalu started looking fora safe place in the jungle to stay. He also had to find food for himself. Lalu found a cave after walking for some time. There was plenty ofgreen grass around the cave. There was also a lake near by. Lalu was very happy. He found a shelter with lot of food around it. Yet Lalu entered the cave carefully. There was no one inside. Lalu started living there happily. One day he saw a huge lion coming towards the cave. Lalu was scared. He panicked. But, he thought of an idea. As soon as the lion came near the cave Lalu spoke to him in deep voice. Listen to me new queen of jungle. We’re going to enjoy a feast today.

A lion is coming towards this cave. As soon as he enters the cave I’ll attack him with my sharp horns and make him fall flat on the ground. Jump on him. Then we’ll feast on him. Get ready. He’ll soon be here. Lion was scared after hearing this. He started running back. A fox saw him run at great speed and asked him the reason. Why are you so scared and where are you going? There’s a cave ahead. There’s a dangerous animal inside it. He’s huge. He has big horns. He wanted to kill me. The fox started laughing after hearing the lion.

There can’t be any animal who can scare you. Come with me. It’s you who can hunt him. No, I don’t want to go any where. If the animal attacks us you’ll run away and I’ll be trapped there. No. I won’t run away. If you don’t trust me then let’s tie our tails together. You can throw me before the animal if he attacks us. The fox and the lion reached the cave. Lalu guessed what could’ve happened. He understood the plans of the clever fox.

He thought of a new idea. What’s this? You’ve brought only one lion for me? I told you to bring two lions for me. My family and I are very hungry. One lion won’t be sufficient to satiate our hunger. As soon as the lion heard Lalu’s words, he started running in the opposite direction. He dragged the fox along with him. Lalu was very happy.

The moral of the Smart Bull And Stupid Lion story  РWe can overcome any problem if we act cleverly

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