The Blind Man With A Lamp

The Blind Man With A Lamp – There used to be a blind man in a city, that blind man often lamps with him in the dark of night. Lamp means the lantern was once upon a time, that blind man was carrying a lamp of light with him in the darkness of night, when only some people who knew him passed by and seeing the lantern in the hand of that blind man All those people made fun of the blind person. They said when you can’t see, then “why are you taking this lamp of light in your hand?”


So the blind man humbly said, “This lamp is not for me, this lamp is for you guys, I can walk even in the dark, because my life is full of darkness, which has made me a habit to live in the dark.” But you can only see it in broad daylight and you have a problem of seeing people in the dark, so you do not push me while walking in the dark, so I keep this lamp with you for the people ”

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On hearing this blind person, all those people were very ashamed of themselves and prayed forgiveness to that blind person and decided that now in future they will never say anything without consideration.

Moral of The Blind Man With A Lamp Story – Always Think many times before speaking anything.

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