The Clever Goat Moral Story

The Clever Goat Moral Story – One evening, a little goat was crossing through the forest. He was carrying a pot of golden honey. I can’t wait to get home and eat this honey. Suddenly, a big grey cloud appeared in the sky. The sky turned dark. And there was a loud clap of thunder. The little goat was so startled that he almost dropped the honey. Big drops of rain began to fall from the sky. Oh no, it’s raining! I better find a place to take shelter. The little goat began to look for shelter. And the only place he found was a cave. Ah! Look, a cave! I’ll wait there until the rain stops. So the little goat went into the cave. What a shock the little goat got when he entered the cave. There were already three other animals there. A lion, a tiger and a wolf.


The lion looked at the little goat with hungry eyes. He was also curious to know what the little goat had in the pot. Why, it’s a little goat! He looks delicious. And tasty! And yummy! Little goat! You look delicious. But tell us, what have you got in that pot? the wolf and the tiger wanted to eat him up, the goat decided to be brave and smart and save himself. He quickly made up a story. I have some magical honey in this pot, Mr.Lion. Whoever eats it, will grow very strong and be the strongest animal in the forest. The lion believed the little goat’s story. Is that so? Then I will eat the honey and be the strongest animal in the forest. I am the king of the forest after all. The little goat continued with his story. But this honey can’t be eaten by itself, Mr.Lion. The bees who gave it to me told me that it must be eaten along with something else. Something else? Yes! The honey’s magic will only work if it’s eaten with a wolf’s tail. In that case, I will eat the honey with the wolf’s tail. Wolf! Come here quickly! Give me your tail! Noooooooo! The lion started to chase the wolf.

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Tiger, look after the goat and the honey till I’m back with the wolf’s tail. The lion left the cave and the little goat was left with the tiger. Oh no! I’ve made a mistake. Mr.Tiger, can you please call Mr.Lion back? I want to tell him that the honey’s magic won’t work with the wolf’s tail. It requires something else. Something else? What is it, little goat? What does the lion need to eat the honey with, to make it magical? I made a mistake, Mr.Tiger. The honey doesn’t need to be eaten with a wolf’s tail. It needs to be eaten with a nice long tiger’s tail. Just like the one you have. I need to call Mr.Lion and tell him to come back and pull your tail out. No! Please don’t do that! I better run. And so the tiger ran out of the cave to save himself. Suddenly, it stopped raining. And the little goat left the cave and quickly made his way home. I’ve saved myself from being the lion the tiger, and the wolf’s dinner. Only because I was brave and smart. Let me enjoy this delicious honey now. It will make me stronger! Even though I won’t eat it with anyone’s tail! And that’s how the little goat saved himself from being eaten that day.

Moral of The Clever Goat Story – Never give up And we should think smartly in every situation.

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