The Four Friends

The Four Friends Moral Story – This story is about Four friends who lived in a village. Three of them were very educated. But they were lack in practical knowledge.

The fourth friend was less educated, but he was an expert in practical knowledge.

One day all the four friends started towards to try their luck. And a forest came on the way.


One friend saw some bones under a tree. One of them observed those bones and said, these bones belong to a lion. By collecting these bones, I can make the skeleton of a dead lion with my knowledge.

Other companion clarify – “I can shelter it and include some blood it.”

The third scholar said, I can make alive again this creature with my knowledge.

The fourth friend, who specializes in practical knowledge, was surprised to hear the words of his three friends. He cautioned his learned friends and said it can be dangerous. By Hearing this, the first friend said, “Hey, he is stupid!” This idiot is jealous from our knowledge.

Other two friends also supported him. Seeing this, the forth man ran and climbed a tree. The three educated friends started work using their knowledge.

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The first friend collected all the bones and prepared skeleton. The second friend offered meat on the skeleton and filled it with blood and covered it with the skin.

The third friend make lion alive by his knowledge. As soon as the lion alive, the lion stood roaring and eat all three friends.

The fourth friend’s life was saved due to his practical knowledge and understanding.

Moral Of the Story – Practical knowledge is always better than Theoretical knowledge.

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