The Greedy King

The Greedy King Moral Story – There is a country called Greece in Europe. In Greece I used to rule a king named Midas in olden times. King Midas was very greedy. Except her daughter, she was loved in the world, so it was lovely to sleep only. He used to dream of collecting gold while sleeping at night.

One day King Midas was sitting in his treasury counting the bricks of gold. Suddenly an angel came there and he said to the king – “Midas! You are very rich.”


Midas hung up and replied – “Where am I rich? I have very little gold.”

Angle – You have successfully gold then for what reason do require dynamically gold.

king – I need some new otherworldly force, on the off chance that I contact anything on earth that will change into unadulterated gold.

The angel laughed and said – “Good thing! Tomorrow morning, everything you touch will become of gold. ”

Midas got tired while running. He had not yet realized that his clothes had become very heavy due to sleeping. He was thirsty and he was hungry too. Returning from the garden to his palace, he sat on a sleeping chair. A servant brought food and water before him. But as soon as I slave put my hands on the food, the food became of gold. He raised a glass to drink water, so the glass and water became gold. Gold loaves, gold rice, gold potatoes, etc. were placed in front of Midas. He was hungry – thirsty, he could not satisfy his hunger by chewing gold.

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Midas start weeps and at the same time his daughter came there playing. Seeing his father crying, he climbed on his father’s lap and started to get tearful. Midas took the daughter from her chest, but where was her daughter now? There was such a golden statue of his daughter in his lap that he could not even keep it in his lap. Poor Midas’s head started crying. The deity felt pity when he appeared again and upon seeing him, Midas fell at his feet and “prayed earnestly to return his gift.”

The deity asked – “Midas, you should not need gold now. Now tell me a glass of water is valuable or gold, cloth, bread is valuable or gold. ”

Midas folded his hands and said, “I don’t want gold”. Without gold, no human work gets stuck. Without a glass of water and a piece of bread, a human being cannot work. Now I will not be tempted to gold.

The angel put water in a bowl and said – “Sprinkle it all over.”

Midas sprinkled that water on his desk, chair, food, water and garden trees. All things happened as they were before.

Moral Story Of The Greedy King – That no matter how rich and poor a man should never be lured. Excessive greed makes him lose what he has !!!

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