The Lion and The Mouse

The Lion and The Mouse Moral Story – A lion was sleeping comfortably in his cave. Then a naughty rat came from somewhere. He climbed on top of the lion and started jumping. Sometimes he would enter the hair of a lion, sometimes he would swing in his ears. Sometimes he used to jump and play.

The lion’s sleep was broken by this explosion. When he opened his eyes, he found a rat playing on top of him. The lion became angry on rat. He gripped the rat in his claws. The rat became frightened when the lion was arrested. He started trembling fearfully.


Seeing his death, he begged in front of the lion, “King! I made a big mistake. I am not conscious in my fun that your sleep is disturbing. Hail me and spare my life. I promise that I will never make such a mistake and will never forget your favor. When the opportunity comes, I will definitely pay for your favor. ”

The lion started laughing after listening to the mouse. He said, “What will you do for me?”

“Whatever I could do, I will do anything for you King” Said the mouse.

The lion said with a laugh, “You little creatures cannot do anything for me. But I give you life. Right now I am not even hungry and even a small creature like you will not fill my stomach. Go Run away from here and don’t ever get around me. ”

After hearing the lion, the life of the rat came to life. He thanked the lion and left it.

Time passed by. One day the lion went out in search of the usual hunt in the forest. While searching, The lion got caught in the trap laid by the hunter. He tried hard to get out of the trap, but could not succeed. In the end, he roared loudly for help.

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His roar fell in the ears of a rat passing by. This was the same rat whom the lion had killed. He immediately approached the lion and cut the net with his sharp teeth and set the lion free.

When the lion thanked him for helping the rat, the mouse said, “King! Remember, you gave me life one day. That day I promised you that I will definitely pay for your favor when the opportunity comes. Today I have bought that. ”

The lion regrets his thinking of the day when he thought of a rat as a creature, and laughed it off. Today he was able to survive due to the loss of life. He decided that he would never distinguish between small and big and would see all creatures in the same way.

Moral Of The Lion and The Mouse Story – The ability of any creature should not be judged by its external nature

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