The Magical Pencil

The Magical Pencil – Rahul was a very naughty child and used to keep messing around all the time. One day when his teacher asked if you did homework today ? He said yes miss I did homework today but today something happened with me that when I was coming to school, a dog snatched my notebook and ran away. I searched for him for a long time but could not find him. The teacher told him angrily, this is your daily drama. You go out and stand outside holding your ears.


Rahul happily went out and stood up holding his ear and started saying, “Thankfully, today I have survived the teacher’s boring lecture”. The bell rang and school time was over. And Rahul started laughing and went home with his friend. On the way, He took out a bottle from his bag in which many insects were stored. His friend asked him, are you not afraid of insects? Rahul said no I am not a coward like you. At the same time, he sees a new insect and tells his friend that I will show you how to catch a insect and at the same time something strikes his feet. Together they start digging that place.

An old pencil comes out of it and Rahul keeps it in his pocket and walks towards the house. And when he reaches home, his mother is angry because his teacher had complained to him that he did not come even today by doing homework. His mother angrily said you won’t get food until you do homework. Then she tells her mother that how do i do homework because i don’t even have a pencil. So her mother says I do not know as you wish, because you had got a new pencil 2 days before, Then he remembers that he got an old pencil today, he leaves it from his pocket.

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The pencil automatically starts flying in the air and starts doing its homework. Then Rahul becomes happy that the magical pencil done all his homework. When the homework is over, the pencil automatically stops. Rahul gets happy and calls his mother, and tell her that has finished all his homework.Then the mother asks surprised how did you finish homework so soon. Then Rahul says mother is magic in my hands, I finished it so soon. Mom is happy and says at least you have finished your homework.

Next Day Rahul goes to class with his homework and the teacher looks at him and says that you go outside and you would not have done homework even today. Then Rahul says no, I have done the homework today, you can check. As soon as mam check his homework, she got surprised how Rahul finishes homework today and gets happy and compliments him.

After that, science teachers come to class and ask for homework. Now Rahul stands up first and says sir I have done the homework, you can check. The science teacher is shocked and realizes that there is something black in the pulses. Science teacher asks a question from Rahul that if you have done this homework then tell how it rains. Now Rahul was caught and he could not answer. Now Rahul was scared because he had the next math class. Math teacher is also surprised that how’s Rahul all questions has right. Then the teacher says, let’s show Rahul all these questions by footing the board. Rahul starts flowing, no mam , I am allergic to chalk.

Then the mam says, let’s do it in your copy and show it all. Now Rahul was caught and he knew nothing. Then teacher punished him that he got a notebook by getting his mother signed yesterday. Then Rahul came home and after coming home, he told his mother all the truth. Mother explained that you should have done your homework yourself. Then Rahul says that I will do my homework myself from now on. And sits down to do his homework himself and does all the homework himself. Now whenever the teacher asks him a question, Rahul knows his answer. Then Rahul bumps the magic pencil back under the ground. Because he understood that he should do his homework on his own. In this way, the magic pencil showed Rahul the right path. And now Rahul comes first in school.

Moral of The Magical Pencil Story – With this we get to learn that we should do our work ourselves and not get it done by someone else.

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