The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf

The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf :- This is the story of a Shepherd who used to take his unconscious to sheep on the hills. One day the sheep was eating grass, and he was sitting under a tree. Then he got a suggestion to do a prank with the villagers. He was happy and climbed on a conscious and shouted loudly that the wolf came.


Come soon come soon or the wolf will eat me. When the villagers heard the voice of the Shepherd, they ran to help him. When the villagers came to him, he asked where the wolf was. And the Shepherd started laughing loudly and told that he was joking. The villagers became angry after listening to him and asked him that you made us stupid. You are very naughty and a liar.

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The villagers got angry and left there. One day the Shepherd was grazing like a daily sheep and there was a wolf commandment. And when the boy caught sight of the wolf, he shouted loudly, Help me help me! The wolf came and this time the villagers thought that the boy must be joking this time too and no one came to help him.

Moral of The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf story – Always speak the truth. Because when you lie no one believes you even if you are not telling the truth.

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