The Thirsty Crow Story

The Thirsty Crow Story – It was summer. A crow was wandering here and there in search of water in the sky. He was very thirsty. But he was not getting water anywhere. Due to the heat he was getting very upset. It seemed to him that if he did not get water, he would die.

He flew into a village while flying, crow was flying around houses, fields and trees. But he was not getting water anywhere. After a long time, he went towards a farm. In the same field a pot of water was kept under a tree. He became very happy to see the pot of water.


He immediately went to the pitcher and looked in the pitcher to drink water. So there was very little water in it. The crow put his beak inside the pitcher but the water was very low so his beak could not reach the water. The water level was very low, and the pitcher’s mouth was very low, so his beak could not go down.

Seeing this, the crow got even more upset. He was looking here and there to find water somewhere else and he could quench his diameter. But water was not available anywhere else. He again came to the pitcher and tried to push the pitcher to drink water, but the pot was heavy so its water was not falling on the ground.

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There was no other water around him that made him upset,, there was plenty of water in the pitcher. He was very tired after trying to drink water for a long time. But still he was not able to drink water. After some time he was about to go somewhere in search of water. But suddenly, his eyes fell on the little stones which was lying to be home.

Seeing these small pebbles and stones, the crow’s mind thought of a solution. He immediately went to the pebble and stone and from there started bringing each pebble into the pitcher.

For a while, the crows continuously put the pebbles in the pitcher. A little hard work, the water level started coming up. Then After some time the water came up. After this, the crows drank water in full and quenched their thirst for water.

After drinking water, the crows were very relaxed. Then resting for a while, he happily flew from there in search of his food.

Moral Of The Thirsty Crow Story – Where there is a will there is a way. That means we should never give up from our troubles. And we should think about the solution of our troubles in our bad circumstances.

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