The Tortoise And The Hare Story With Pictures

This moral story is about Hare and the Tortoise. Do you remember today is Monday? Race schedule only after one hour. Remember brother, I have complete preparation. Race started! The tortoise is far behind, eh … let me rest a little. The cold air causes the rabbit to sleep and the turtle wins the race. This time it was a hoax.


Let’s run once again and see who wins. Let’s all be well Let’s run once again. Now let’s run to the lion’s den. This time the rabbit makes no mistake in the race and wins the race. Saw the turtle, made the rabbit dance, it got messed up. Once you win and once I, out of two. Let’s one more time. Right now, it will be final, okay.

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This time let’s run up to that hill. On the way through which they go for a run, there comes a river. The rabbit is stunned by the river. what do I do now? In a hurry, it was not remembered that it is necessary to cross the river to reach the hill (Tortoise cross the river) Goodbye. The turtle crossed the river again and reached the rabbit and said, Look brother, you are running fast and I slowly, I won one race and one you. But now both of us will win this race.

You do this, sit on my back and I cross you over the river. The two cross the river together and both win together

Moral of  The Tortoise And The Hare Story : Don’t compare Yourself to others. Don’t be demotivate yourself, Don’t afraid from any race – take a part in it.  

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