Unity Is Strength – The Farmer And His Sons Short Story

Unity Is Strength – There used to be an old farmer in a village. Who had four sons. The farmer was a very hard working and honest person, he used to work in his fields every day, but instead of helping the four sons of the farmer in the fields, he spent the whole day lying down and fighting among themselves.

The old farmer would understand them again and again and would not even ask for any quarrel, but nothing about the farmer has any effect on them. The farmer always worried that if these four brothers kept fighting like this, then after my death, people can take advantage of this idiot. The days passed and then one day the health of the farmer started deteriorating.

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When the time of death came near, he called his four sons to him and asked everyone to bring each wood. When the four brought each wood, the old farmer asked his elder son to fasten those four sticks with a rope. The elder son did the same. Now the farmer asked the rope-bound wooden bundle to break each of his sons in turn – but none of the four could break that bundle. After this, the farmer opened the bundle and gave each of its wood to his four sons and said – Now show it by breaking it. Everyone broke wood.

Then the farmer explained – Look, when I gave you the bundle of wood, none of you broke it, but when I opened the bundle and gave you to break each wood, all of you comfortably broke the wood given by me. Granted. Unity is a great force when neither of you could break them when you mix the four wood together, just like this, if you stay together with each other, then you cannot be easily harmed. But if you will be alone fighting and fighting, then no one can harm you, just like the wood which you all broke easily. Therefore, my sons, all of you should live together. The farmer has understood all four. They all promised their father that all four of us would live together. And will never fight.

Moral Of Unity Is Strength – There is power in unity.

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